A Comprehensive Guide to Animal Kingdom Parking

Animal Kingdom, one of the spectacular Disney theme parks, receives millions of visitors each year. Due to the significant number of guests arriving in their own vehicles, parking is a crucial aspect that requires meticulous planning and consideration. But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Whether it’s a first-time visit to the Animal Kingdom or you’re a seasoned visitor, this guide serves to provide you with all the essential information about Animal Kingdom parking.

Where to Park

Animal Kingdom has a vast, well-organized parking lot that can accommodate thousands of cars, buses, and large vehicles. The parking lots are divided into two main sections – the Dinosaur Lot (also known as the preferred parking lot) and the Unicorn Lot. Both lots are well served by complimentary trams that take you to the main entrance of the park.

Cost of Parking

Parking at the Animal Kingdom is subject to a fee. The standard parking fee for a car or motorcycle is $25 per day. However, if you prefer a spot that’s closer to the entrance, you might consider the preferred parking option, which costs $45-$50 per day. Parking for camper vans or RVs is priced at $30 per day. Note that once you pay for parking, you can use the ticket for parking at any of the other Disney parks on the same day.

Parking Tips

Arriving early is one of the best tips for Animal Kingdom parking, especially during peak tourist seasons. Despite the extensive parking space, the lots do get filled up quickly. Remember to note the animal sign and row number associated with your parking spot to find your vehicle easily after a long, joyous day in the park.

Additionally, unlike the Magic Kingdom where you need to take a ferry or monorail from the parking lot to the entrance, Animal Kingdom’s parking lot is conveniently located, and guests can reach the entrance through a short tram ride.

Accessible Parking

Animal Kingdom provides accessible parking for guests with disabilities. Spaces are located adjacent to the main entrance, making it convenient for guests with mobility issues. It’s important to display a valid disability parking permit clearly in your car.

The Central Market Parking

For those staying in the central market area, we recommend using the central market parking. Strategically located near key facilities, the central market parking offers convenience, especially for those who want to do some shopping or grab a bite before heading to the park. Besides, it’s a well-supervised area, giving you peace of mind as you enjoy your day at the Animal Kingdom.


While parking may seem like a minute detail in your Disneyland adventure, a hassle-free parking experience tends to set a positive tone for the rest of the day. Knowing where to park, the parking fee, and a few handy tips can make your visit to the Animal Kingdom a smooth and enjoyable experience.